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Apart from Sanyasi Vidroh various other uprisings took place among which the Chuar Vidroh(1766-72), which spread only in 5 districts of Bengal & Bihar, the second Chuar Vidroh (1795-1816), the Zamindar Vidroh of Orissa (1804-1817), the revolt led by the King of Vijayanagar (1794) were famous & popular in their respective regions.

While, when the 18th century was on its last days another revolt against British oppression took place this time in the extreme south it was by the Polygors of Tamil Nadu. In 1801 there was an armed uprising in Malabar & Dindigal, there was also an armed uprising in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh (1801-05), in Perlakimidi (1813-34). Mysore also revolted in 1800 & 1831, the revolt by Belu Tampi of Travancore (1805) is worth noting.

In Saurashtra too, there was armed attacks on British camps, lead by various feudal lords, these attacks took place in a regular pattern between 1816-32. Kolis of Gujarat also revolted in 1824-25, 1828, 1839 and 1849. Maharashtra was also not left untouched from the patriotic fever, in Kittur (1824-29), in Kolhapur (1824), in Satara (1841) and uprising by Gadkaris in 1844 were the most famous. In 1824 Jats from Western Uttar Pradesh & Haryana too revolted. In 1805 Rajputs of Bilaspur rose against the British imperialists.

In north India Taluqdars of Aligarh & Bundels of Jabalpur also revolted in 1814-17 and 1842 respectively.

So the pre-1857 era was dominated by various armed struggles against the British imperialistic attitude. Apart from these uprisings there were major wars between various Indian kingdoms and the East India Company. These uprisings & wars later on formed the basis for the Great Mutiny of 1857. In which Farmers, Laborers & Indian Soldiers of the East India Company participated in large numbers.

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